2009年6月30日 星期二

Najee - My Point of View

Artist: Najee
Title Of Album: My Point of View
Label: Heads Up
Catalog#: HUSA 9104
Format: CD, SACD
Country: US
Released: 29 Sep 2005
Genre: Jazz
Style: Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Jazz

01. Sidewayz
02. 3 Am - (with Will Downing)
03. Fallin' in Love With You (Introducing Lomon)
04. Back in the Day
05. Charm
06. My Point of View
07. 2nd 2 None
08. Emotional (Introducing Sisaundra)
09. How Lovely You Are
10. Miyuki

2009年6月28日 星期日

Blue Pilots Project - Reboot

Thomas Kosidis a.k.a Blue Pilots Project was born in Thessalonica in 1972. He grew up listening the music of the 'world'. From classic to psychedelic music. His relationship with the conservatoire of Thessalonica ended very soon and then he set his first studio at the industrial area of his hometown and he started his journey to the analog psychedelic sound.
It's almost two years since the release of blue pilots project debut album Flight for Everyone on Klik records.A truly unique debut album that settled new standards to the Greek electronica scene and managed to gather great reviews from the greek as well as international press and lots of additions to some of the best selling compilations around the globe. On Wednesday the 17th of june Blue pilots Project creator Thomas Kosidis returns with his brand new album titled Reboot. Once more he provides us with 10 eclectic compositions flerting with psychedelic analog electro sounds and world music samples creating vibes that you can get only by an endless journey. Atmospheric and captivating with smooth but also intense dynamic melodies. Welcome to the second magical music flight of the Blue Pilots Project.

Artist: Blue Pilots Project
Album: Reboot
Label: Klik Records
Catalog #: KLCD055
Format: CD, Album
Country: Greece
Released: Jun-22-2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Chill Out, Downtempo, Future Jazz, Deep House
Time: 53' 36" min

01. Blue Pilots Project - Million Clouds
02. Blue Pilots Project - Reboot
03. Blue Pilots Project - Mamouth
04. Blue Pilots Project - Hallelujah
05. Blue Pilots Project - Gods Gift
06. Blue Pilots Project - Main Crisis
07. Blue Pilots Project - Senta
08. Blue Pilots Project - Vivere Il Momento
09. Blue Pilots Project - Air Fiction
10. Blue Pilots Project - Refloat

2009年6月25日 星期四

Gerald Veasley - Velvet

Artist: Gerald Veasley
Title Of Album: Velvet
Year Of Release: April 22, 2003
Label: Heads Up
Country: USA
Genre: Jazz
Style: Smooth Jazz, Fusion
Total Time: 59:17 min

01. Coup De Ville
02. Sarah's Song
03. Let's Do It Again
04. Velvet
05. Put On Your Sunday Clothes
06. Do You Remember?
07. Lucscious
08. Summer Kiss
09. Bread Puddin'
10. Forever
11. It's Alright (Tonight's The Night)
12. Still Movin' On
13. Home
14. Sunday Clothes (Reprise)

2009年6月24日 星期三

Bob Sinclar - Born In 69 (2009)

Bob Sinclar每一次的專輯推出總是會讓我又是驚恐又是驚喜,你絕對可以輕易感染到他音樂中飽滿的歡樂氣氛,但是,你一定也可以在專輯某處聽到一些可怕的俗艷音色,就是這樣,好多年下來總是這麼輪迴著,也許這就是一位商業化DJ所必需做到的,他的音樂勢必會盡可能的滿足多種的口味,才會給我帶來這般兩極的感受,不過,我還真喜歡他那些空心吉他或是拉丁風味的編曲。

Artist: Bob Sinclar
Album: Born In 69
Label: Barclay, Yellow Productions
Catalog#: 5318005, 5318005
Format: CD, Album
Country: France
Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: House

01. Lala Song (3:34)
02. Give Me Some More (3:18)
03. Love You No More (4:22)
04. New New New (5:27)
05. Jamaica Avenue (5:10)
06. Peace Song (6:30)
07. Mr. Tambourine Man (4:59)
08. People of Tomorrow (4:16)
09. The Way I Feel (4:53)
10. We Are Everything (5:47)
11. Belly Dancer (4:10)
12. Looks Like Love (2:54)

2009年6月21日 星期日

Coast2coast - Spirit Catcher

Artist: VA
Title: Coast2Coast: Spirit Catcher
Label: NRK Sound Division
Cat.#: NRKCD044
Release Date: 07-May-2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House, Deep House, Progressive House
Resident Advisor

01. James Talk And Ridney - Sunshyne (6:53)
02. Raiders Of The Lost Arp - Summer 1986 (4:14)
03. Johnny D - Orbitalife (11:48)
04. Prompt - Evolve (7:48)
05. Lief - Ohnh (6:24)
06. Blm - Nacho (6:02)
07. Motorcitysoul - Phantasy (Daniel Stefanik Remix) (7:16)
08. H.O.S.H. - Steppenwolf (Jerome Sydenham S Blacktro Dub Remix) (6:45)
09. Moodymanc - Coleman (9:57)
10. Johnjon - Meanwhile (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) (7:05)
11. Soul Designer - Ddna (7:14)
12. Matthias Tanzmann - Swim (Peter Dildo Swimming In Deep Water Remix) (8:25)
13. Bart Skils And Anton Pieete Aka District One - One 2 One (7:54)

2009年6月17日 星期三

Easturn Records 003

Title: Easturn Records 003
Label: Easturn Records
Cat.#: ER003
Format: File, MP3
Released: 15 June 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance, Progressive Trance
Credits: Mixed by DJ Eason

01. Thomas Feijk And Jonas Hornblad Feat Sonja-Taxi Driver (Anhken Remix)
02. Michael Angelo Feat Jenry R-Disconnected (Myon And Shane 54 Vocal Mix)
03. Dash Berlin with Cerf Mitiska & Jaren-Man On The Run (Nic Chagall Remix)
04. Ton T.B-Headrush (Smart Apes Feat Katie Miles Vocal Mix)
05. Mike Koglin Feat Tania Laila-Find Me (Genix Vocal Remix)
06. Tim Besamusca-Sanctum (Thomas Datt Remix)
07. Fabio XB & Andrea Mazza-Light To Lies (Giuseppe Ottaviani Mix)
08. Redstar vs. DT8 Project-Destination Awakening (Redstar Mashup)
09. Marc Walsh-Never Far Away (Activa Remix)


Easturn Records 002

Title: Easturn Records 002
Label: Easturn Records
Cat.#: ER002
Format: File, MP3
Released: 30 May 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance, Progressive Trance
Credits: Mixed by DJ Eason

01. Tritonal Feat Soto-Piercing Quiet (Original Mix)
02. Ferry Corsten-We Belong (Tritonal Air Up There Remix)
03. Adam Hayley Vs Luke Tainton-Severn Bridge (Original Mix)
04. Filo & Peri-Drops Of Jupiter (Main Mix)
05. Avernus-Tears of A Saint (Arctic Moon Remix)
06. Andy Prinz-Lost Inside the Senses (Mark Eteson Remix)
07. Luke Terry-Slipping Sideways
08. Chris Turner Feat Claire Willi-Captured Fall (Reorder Remix)
09. Paul Van Dyk-For An Angel (Activa Remix)
10. Neal Scarborough-Tiberium (David Forbes Remix)


2009年6月16日 星期二

The Hi-Fly Orchestra - Mambo Atomico

The High-Fly Orchestra was founded in 2005 by Jerker Kluge and Florian Riedl. Though played by young musicians, who are influenced by all kinds of todays music, the intent was to create music that sounds as hip as the classic jazz records of the blue note era.

The band consists of Florian Riedl (saxophone, flute), Johannes Herrlich (trombone), Jo Junghanns (piano), Jerker Kluge (bass), Hajo von Hadln (drums), Norbert Küpper (percussion).

Artist: The Hi-Fly Orchestra
Album: Mambo Atomico
Label: Tramp Records
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 2008
Genre: Jazz, Latin
Style: Samba, Latin Jazz

01. Carioquinha
02. Polonesa feat. Miriam Aida
03. Crosstown Traffic
04. Mrs. Shing-A-Ling
05. Hi-Fly Stomp
06. Mambo Atomico
07. Afro-Boo
08. Chove Chuva feat. Miriam Aida
09. Gettin' Down
10. The New B!
11. SP Samba

2009年6月14日 星期日


7/4 SUMMER AQUARIAN 2009 夏至音樂節 : Frist Stop
@ 金山|沙珠灣|中角沙灘

從天體運行的角度來說,從2002年到2013年就是屬於 AQUARIAN (寶瓶)時代,CUBE PRODUCTION以SUMMER AQUARIAN來定義屬於這個時代的戶外音樂派對文化。
由於全球暖化效應,使得每年的海平面不斷不斷的上昇,當每個來參與SUMMER AQUARIAN的朋友腳踩著輕沙,享受大海、沙灘與音樂的時候,我們更期許每一位朋友,珍惜與愛護大自然所給予我們的一切,或許到了2013年以後,北海岸的沙灘已經被不斷上昇的海水所掩蓋,已經沒有任何一塊沙灘可供我們享受這一切。
CUBE PRODUCTION將會以12年的時間來記錄這所有在海灘上所發生的故事,我們相信這些故事不僅僅是我們回憶中最珍貴的一部份,同時也因為有大家的參與,使得SUMMER AQUARIAN更豐富更精彩。

In the view of astronomic motion, it's the era of Aquarian from 2002 to 2013. CUBE PRODUCTION defines the outdoor event which belong to the era as SUMMER AQUARIAN.
Due to GLOBAL WARMING effect, it results in rise of sea level continuously. When everyone takes part in SUMMER AQUARIAN and indulges you in the sea, beach, and music, we hope you'll treasure and cherish all nature gives.
SUMMER AQUARIAN will spend 12 years recording all stories which happen on the beaches. We believe these stories are not only the most valuable parts, but also they will make SUMMER AQUARIAN richer.


■RAVE Stage
18:00~20:00 F*Daniel
20:00~21:30 Sam
21:30~23:00 Jimmy Chen
23:00~00:30 Vertigo
00:30~02:00 Osamu M (Japan)
02:00~03:30 Koto Switch
03:30~05:00 Cougar + Point [Live]
VJ: Tracy*C
Laser: Daniel

■HOUSE Stage
17:00~19:00 Tommy
19:00~20:30 Kaoru
20:30~22:30 Kelvin Hsieh
22:30~00:00 Matty D
00:00~01:30 Hooker
01:30~03:00 Gareth Jones
03:00~04:30 DJ 006
VJ: Lucien+Eddie.W

15:00~18:00 Black Reign
18:00~20:00 DJ Marcus Aurelius
20:00~22:00 DJ @pple
22:00~23:40 DJ Wayne + MC 蛋堡
23:40~00:00 AP
00:00~02:00 DJ Eric Chang + MC AK
02:00~04:00 DJ Whisky aka 游強 + MC Lil Jump


2009年6月11日 星期四

旅行團 - 等你吃飯 EP


唱片:等你吃飯 [EP]

01. 等你吃飯
02. 悠長假期
03. Summer Holiday
04. Oh My story
05. 等你吃飯[演奏版]
06. 悠長假期[演奏版]

Nic Fanciulli Global Underground (2009)

Artist: VA
Title: Nic Fanciulli Global Underground
Label: Global Underground Ltd.
Catalog#: GUDJ001CD
Format: 2 x CD, Mixed, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: 20 Apr 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, House, Tech House
Credits: Compiled By, DJ Mix - Nic Fanciulli

CD 01:
01. Nick Holder - Sunrise
02. Metro Area - Nerves
03. Seth Troxler - Lover Never Sleeps
04. Dubshape - Droplets (Late Night Mix)
05. Pan-Pot Feat. Vincenzo - Faces (Vincenzo Remix)
06. Raf'n'Soul Feat. Tony Marino - Man On The Prowl (Jesus Gonsev Deep Dub Remix)
07. Koljah - Antigua
08. Spencer Parker - The Beginning
09. Terry - Twi-ces
10. John Daly - Voyager
11. Jamie Jones Feat. Ost & Kjex - Summertime
12. Kingpin Cartel - Ghetto (Fanciulli & Mac Rework)
13. Nic Fanciulli & Steve Mac - 10%
14. Rolando - Where Were You ???
15. Pangaea - Router

CD 02:
01. Rolando - Afterlife
02. Photek - Glamourama
03. Chateau Flight - La Roquette
04. Nic Fanciulli - Green Tea
05. Reset Robot - Continue
06. Einzelkind - AKA The Groove
07. Baggy Bukaddor & Tim Fischbeck Campus
08. Steve Mac - Phoba
09. Dubfire - Emissions (Nic Fanciulli Mix)
10. Mark Broom - Raincheck
11. Chymera - Sumatra
12. Nic Fanciulli - Materia
13. Sebrok - Vision
14. Kenny Larkin - Cirque De Soul

2009年6月8日 星期一

Hideo Kobayashi - Zero

Artist: Hideo Kobayashi
Album: Zero
Label: Apt International
Catalog#: APTI4010
Country: Japan
Released: 07-March-2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House, Tech House
Juno Recerds

01. Amor (feat Shigeru Tanabu) 07:14
02. Listen To The Voice 05:45
03. Chikuma 07:59
04. Endorphin 07:11
05. A Fox & The Sun 07:46
06. Wanna Take It With You 06:30
07. Amarillo 04:45
08. No Nothing 08:10
09. Kaze 08:10
10. You Changed The Way (feat Mina Jackson) 05:26
11. Rockstar 07:44

2009年6月5日 星期五

Kate Simko - Music From The Atom Smashers

聆聽這張專輯真是美好的一件事,繽紛玄妙的音符伴隨著簡約的律動聲波直達腦海,就像聽著電影配樂一般,跟著Kate Simko所設計好的步調前進,無數的片段畫面與平和的氣氛也自然的成形,一直到結束也都沒有出現Minimal Techno常發生之單調乏味鋪陳,她的才華在這張首發專輯中展露無遺!

Artist: Kate Simko
Album: Music From The Atom Smashers
Label: Ghostly International
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 04/05/2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal, IDM

01. Welcome to Fermilab 02:30
02. Control Room 01:00
03. Quiet Daydream (Intro) 02:56
04. The Creative Part 05:20
05. Fear of the Unknown 02:20
06. Nature Surreal 02:07
07. God Particle 07:00
08. Who Needs Science? 03:10
09. Nature Surreal (Airport Edit) 02:49
10. Trouble Brewing 01:37
11. Sociber 04:28
12. Random Universe 02:51
13. Tevatron Dream 06:08
14. Quiet Daydream 05:56
15. Random Universe (Recap) 02:22
16. The Creative Part (Epilogue) 04:40

2009年6月4日 星期四

DJ Shah - Songbook (Dancefloor Edition)

Artist: DJ Shah
Title: Songbook (Dancefloor Edition)
Label: Armada Music
Country: Netherlands
Release Date: 2009-05-25
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance

01. DJ Shah - Beautiful (Glimpse Of Heaven) (Long Island Club Mix) (00:09:34)
02. DJ Shah - Free (Original Mix) (00:05:08)
03. DJ Shah - Back To You (Original Mix edit) (00:09:58)
04. DJ Shah - Make Me Feel (Original Mix) (00:04:31)
05. DJ Shah - Sunday Morning 2.8 (Original Mix) (00:05:13)
06. DJ Shah - Over & Over (Original Mix) (00:06:33)
07. DJ Shah - Now Or Never (Original Mix) (00:08:27)
08. DJ Shah - Who Will Find Me (Main Mix) (00:09:46)
09. DJ Shah - Ocean Drive (Original Mix) (00:06:04)
10. DJ Shah - Don (Original Mix) (00:04:11)
11. DJ Shah - Lift Me Up (Original Mix) (00:05:16)
12. DJ Shah - Young & Proud (Original Mix) (00:04:54)
13. Armin van Buuren & Dj Shah - Going Wrong (feat. Chris Jones) (Armin van Buuren's Radio Edit) (00:03:32)
14. DJ Shah - Turn Back Time (Original Mix) (00:06:48)

2009年6月2日 星期二

Flunk - This Is What You Get

"This Is What You Get" is a natural evolution from their last album "Personal Stereo" (2007), with a darker and more experimental feel, with the electronic elements more present in the sound. This time with a distinct inspiration from the backstreets of London, with dubstep-elements (Stain, Shoreline, and partly in Dying To See You), and house-elements (Common Sense), but also a small dose of plain rock (Ride). The pop elements are still there, for example in Cigarette Burns,Common Sense, og Down.

Flunk have the habit of including a covertrack on each album, this time the Radiohead-classic Karma Police gets the Flunk treatement, with rough, edgy syncopated rhythms and Anja's lovely vocals.

Artist: Flunk
Album: This Is What You Get
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalog#: BS116CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: Norway
Released: 11 May 2009
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Downtempo, Indie

01. Dyingtoseeyou (2:04)
02. Commonsense (3:20)
03. Cigaretteburns (3:16)
04. Ride (2:32)
05. Lovehearts (3:59)
06. Speedskating (5:23)
07. Stain (3:05)
08. Cardboardrebel (2:31)
09. Shoreline (4:36)
10. Down (3:01)
11. Karmapolice (5:30)
  Written-By - Radiohead